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I am no writer.  Not like Moses.  He wrote.  And wrote and wrote.  Me?  I still question why I can write.  No memory of what has happened to me but I can remember how to write.

Words are not easy.  But I have this need to get down on paper thoughts.  Abstract ideas.  So, I have introduced my notebook.  Bought it along with pencils, crayons and colored pencils.  No real reason just had an urge and got the supplies.

Don’t know if this will help.  Drawing in a journal.  Can’t hurt, can it?  I just need to understand what’s real, what’s fiction and who is telling the truth.



Come In From The Rain

M. Matthews posting:

Still no word from Moses.  The FBI has assured me that he is only a “person of interest” and not a suspect.  Although, a suspect of what?  Kidnapping 22 years ago and then putting an entire fabrication of his life up on the web?  I think we all know that Moses, while intelligent, is not a criminal master mind.

I have spoken with Ray.  He saw Moses at the spot; that desert place where little boys disappear and full grown men reappear.  Ray told me Moses stayed there for a day or two and then moved on.  No word of his intentions other than to keep moving.  Moses is still looking but seems to think his answers are out there, not here.  I have no opinion on that.  I just hope he is alright.

Oliver has been spending more time at Moses’ house.  He sleeps there now.  I can’t help but feel hurt.  I know he is putting things together in his mind and sometimes the normalcy of dinner in front of the television gets in the way of that.  I’ve had him back for only a month and I already feel like an empty nester.  But, I give him space.  Maybe he can make the “time machine” work.

I hope Moses comes in if only for a moment.  I take the FBI at their word but who knows how long Moses will be a “person of interest”  if he remains hidden.


M. Matthews Posting

Carrying on Moses’ work also includes this forum. We have been busy trying to “establish” Oliver’s identity. Moses did not make it easy leaving as he did. The FBI contacted us. Evidently our postings were monitored. We have been ushered through this process by Agent Jessie (short for Jessica) Abrams. She has been professional yet at the same time comforting. I suppose that is her strength in cases like this.

1) DNA Test: I kept Oliver’s baby teeth. The FBI used one as a sample to test against. Current Oliver’s DNA is similar enough for a match but with enough differing anomalies to raise questions.

2) Finger Prints: Again, similar yet questionable. I have an art project Oliver did as a child. It was a turkey made from multiple fingerprints in ink. Again … a sample for comparison.

The FBI want to question Moses. Oliver’s case was never closed and evidently neither was Moses’ appearance. The re-emergence of Oliver stirred a pot none of us was aware still boiled.   Anyway, Oliver lives with me, now. We’ve been able to get him a driver’s license and a social security card. He spends most of his time at Moses’ house. Granted, under the FBI’s supervision, but Oliver feels more “connected” there than at my apartment.

I have gone back to work and Oliver reads through the Moses’ mountain of notes. We meet up at night. We eat. We watch TV. It is normal. Sort of.

Moses has not contacted me. I have no idea where he is. I don’t know if he is the subject of some manhunt, either. Jessie is only so forth coming. I am grateful they have not kept me from posting on his site.  Anyway, this is his portal; Moses’ story continues here. I just do not know where it will lead.

P.S. I write because I don’t feel like facing the world. Video was Moses’ tool. I may return to it. I may not. For now, words will suffice as my images.


Week 5 Day 2

Part I

Part II


I’m not sure what I am doing. That is, why blog. My first post was preposterously esoteric and I leave it posted as a reminder to myself that pompous does not equal clarity.

Let’s begin with Origin. First my name, Moses from the Hebrew meaning savior or drawn from the water. I was not drawn from the water but like my namesake, came from the desert to start a new. So says my friend who named me. Without personal history because I began “a new”, I chose Haygood as my sir name. Haygood is an altered form of the English Hawkwood, a habitational name from a place called Hawkswood in Sible Hedingham, Essex, or from Hawkwood Farm in Gosfield, Essex. To my knowledge, I am neither Welsh nor English. My last name derives from the Cherokee or my friend who found me. A former Texan, he is of that decent. Out of gratitude for saving me and our friendship, I took his last name.

Now, my origin began some twenty plus years ago. I woke up to sun and sound and a Cherokee man looking me in the eye asking if I was alright. Prior to that, I have no idea who, what or where I came from. I believe there are those who do and wish this extension of my research a pathfinder to who I am.

M. Haygood

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