We Went To The Movies

M. Matthews Posting

We went to a movie. One of those super hero films.  At first, it was so natural.  The day started with Sunday brunch.  Then we went to an afternoon movie.  I almost felt like I was having a day with my adult son.

At first, Oliver and I were inseparable.  Then, he needed space.  There was a lot for him to come to terms with.  I tried to give him that space.  Lucky for us, we have Moses’ house.  Oliver has spent more time there than at my
home lately.  He is a man, not a child, so I try not to take it personally.

I thought a hero movie would be something he would like.  We sat through about half before Oliver asked if we could leave.  I was okay that.  It wasn’t my cup of tea either.  We went for coffee.  When I asked why he didn’t like the movie, he said it wasn’t that he disliked it.  It was just fantasy, a made up fiction.  He had too much fantasy in his real life and didn’t need to see someone else’s on the big screen.

Oliver spends more and more time alone.  Yes, it’s only been a little over a month but, he has no friends but me.  He’s sought out no one but me.  That’s not completely true.   He and Agent Abrams have been spending time together.  Nothing romantic.  She is older, and I believe taken.  But, he seems to be drawn to her strength.

Anyway, I just needed to vent or post as it would seem.  I’m not as prolific as Moses but I do try to “soldier” on.  I want to keep his work alive.  It also gives me an outlet for what has become my life.

I have promised more of Moses’ travel notes.  I will try to get something up in the next day or so.  In all things Moses, there are many instructions on what to post and what not.  Plus, I have to transcribe his abominable handwriting.


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