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And So It Begins …

From Babylon 5

“And so it begins. You have forgotten something.”
Kosh, Chrysalis


Alignment, whether it is the planets, silverware in a drawer or the concepts bouncing about one’s head for years; when it happens, one accepts.  Ideas that synchronize all past brain flatulations must be noted and applied.  Symbols and portents are vitally important.  I have stated my inability to take serious that which is not nailed down with fact but intuition is a thing I have based much of my life on.

Now, I hope to leap forward and tie both together with the feather boa of belief in things beyond my comprehension.  Something’s brewing.  I must embrace synchronicity and leap into the abyss if I wish to move to the next level.


Space Odyssey




The Full Story

A Gecko’s Web Debut

I have purchased a new video camera and thought about testing it here.

Sheila, my gecko, volunteered for the job of web test pilot.  My cinematography is lacking and manuals frustrate me.  Need to be at least three feet away.  Next time, I will find the proper distance and subject matter.


I asked Ray what he thought of my recent antics.  His response is below.  Also, my last attempt at reinterpreting his artistic vision.


What do I think about what Moses is doing now?  That’s a tricky one.  I mean, it’s important to know your people, who they are, where you come from.  But, like everything Moses does, different is an understatement.

I wouldn’t be comfortable putting up all that personal stuff and my dreams for everyone to see.  But, I have history.  While there are times I wish my mixed up family wasn’t such a pain, I do have history.  Moses doesn’t.  He’s been pulling at this problem since the first day we met.

“Who Am I?”

That’s what he first posted on this site.  We all spend our lives searching.  Searching for what?  Who we think we are versus who we are, a better life, better friends, a better world.  Moses, he’s not bothered with that crap.  He wants the basics.  So, if this helps him to complete that journey, I’m all for it.

I’ve spent our time together trying to point him in a direction that will lead him home.  Maybe this gets him there; maybe not.  We only fail if we don’t take that leap and leap, Moses has, that is for certain.


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Second posting by my friend Raymond Haygood.

Moses didn’t have a squirrel’s notion of anything when he woke up but that he was in a hospital bed with this Indian in the room.  I suppose that’s why he remembers our first meeting better than I do.  Yeah, I remember tossing some newspapers at him but not the conversation.  His eyes, that’s what I do remember.  They were clear now and blue.  His hair was wild and looked like a torn up Brillo pad.  Spoke perfect English but not one idea of who he was.  That’s why I gave him the newspapers.

 When I say, perfect English, I mean he spoke without an accent.  I joke him about that now because he talks all New Yorkified like he was born and bred there.  I guess without knowing who he was, he took on the affectations of his “new” home.  The hospital was no home for him and neither was Arizona.  I believe the only part he ever saw of this state was where he appeared and the airport.

During his committal, we talked a lot, played chess and watch bad TV.  A friendship was born in those white walls full of the not so fortunate.  He kept looking for clues, asking me all the time for books, papers, magazines anything that might help him piece together what happened.  I felt sorry for the guy.  I mean, how would you like waking up knowing squat about who you are?

When it became obvious he wasn’t going to get his memory back and that he wasn’t crazy (that happened later), I told him he needed to move on with his life.  So I hooked him up with my half-brother in New York.  They clicked like two parts of a seatbelt.

I would visit once in a while.  Don’t like the northeast much.  People up there are crazy.  But we did have fun.  Moses fits in up there.  He kind of re-molded himself into a New Yorker.  Makes sense because there wasn’t much personal for him to grab onto here so why not grab onto what was around him.



I asked my friend Ray to write a couple of blogs about when I first appeared.  I felt his perspective was relevant to what I am attempting.  The art attached to this posting was inspired by Ray.  “Inspired” because he drew it but insisted I make it.  Ray has always been a harda#$ once he made up his mind on something.  So, now I’m an artist, too.

My name is Raymond Haygood.  I am Moses’ first and oldest friend.  I found him.  Actually, I was the person who brought him out of the desert.  It was someone else who found him but she disappeared.  Anyway, Moses asked me to write something about when I found him.  I am not as good with words as Moses, so I apologize up front.

I was coming back from visiting a friend in El Morro.  That’s across the border in New Mexico.   I took the right onto 191 off 61 and was heading back up to Interstate 40.  Somewhere between that turn and Sanders, I found him.  It was turning dark and I saw this car pulled off to the side of the road.

So, I pulled over carefully, taking my shotgun down from rack behind me.  Out there, you practice the Good Samaritan rule, but take precautions because, you never know if someone is really in trouble or waiting to practice some “badass” on you.  Anyway, I saw this woman trying to wrestle this naked guy into her car.  I asked if everything was alright.  She said no and needed help.  I walked over, gun still in my hand.

My defenses went down when I saw the guy.  He was alive but not responsive.  I’m a nurse so I dropped to the ground to check vitals.  He was alive but sketchy.  Erratic pulse, shallow breathing and his eyes were so dilated; they were all pupil just black without color.  I picked him up and carried him over to the bed of my truck.  There was an old blanket back there I wrapped him in.   I think I told the lady to follow me and then headed north to Sanders.

Found a minor emergency clinic opened and got him into the doctors there.  It was only later when the police showed up that I noticed the lady wasn’t around.  The cops asked me to describe her but, things had happened so fast, I couldn’t.  I guess she followed me into Sanders and just kept going.  Didn’t want to get caught up in the official crap of finding some guy in the desert, I guess

Anyway, the guy wakes up and has no idea who, what or where he is.  Keeps cracking about this noise he heard.  Some kind of music he needed to get back to.  They sedated him and he slept for the next day in a half.  State Trooper’s showed up and took over then.  They weren’t sure what to do with him.  I suggested the facility I worked at in Scottsdale.  Nice place for a “loony bin” but I told them it was state funded and he’d be taken care of there until they found out what his deal was.

I followed his ambulance down to Scottsdale and helped admit the poor guy.  When they asked for a name I told them John “Moses” Doe.  Moses, the admitting nurse asks.  “Yeah.  Moses.  He came out of the desert, man.  You want him to be just another John Doe?”

She was a friend of mine and so, Moses was entered on his file.  I went home to sleep after we got Moses tucked in that night.  As I got out of the truck, I reach back like I always do to get my shotgun.  The rack was empty.  I had left the thing in the sand on the side of the road.  It was my favorite gun.  Never did find it.

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