By Oliver

Thanksgiving?  I have been stuck in this house for many months.  Stuck is not the proper word.  Self-imposed.  That is better.  I struggle with what has happened.  Thanksgiving as a concept is not foreign.  It is familiar.  That is what strikes me as wrong.  Why?

Melanie wants me to come over to her house for this holiday.  I believe her parents will be there.  Her parents?  My Grandparent if I am her son.  I don’t feel like a son but an outsider.

I promised I would go.  The cab will pick me up at 10 am tomorrow.

What do you bring to something like this?  That is where the familiarity with this ends.  Do I buy a pie?  Wine?  Or do I just show up, the illegitimate son?

Not fair.  She has never treated me like that.  I have just put myself in that position.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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