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I asked Ray what he thought of my recent antics.  His response is below.  Also, my last attempt at reinterpreting his artistic vision.


What do I think about what Moses is doing now?  That’s a tricky one.  I mean, it’s important to know your people, who they are, where you come from.  But, like everything Moses does, different is an understatement.

I wouldn’t be comfortable putting up all that personal stuff and my dreams for everyone to see.  But, I have history.  While there are times I wish my mixed up family wasn’t such a pain, I do have history.  Moses doesn’t.  He’s been pulling at this problem since the first day we met.

“Who Am I?”

That’s what he first posted on this site.  We all spend our lives searching.  Searching for what?  Who we think we are versus who we are, a better life, better friends, a better world.  Moses, he’s not bothered with that crap.  He wants the basics.  So, if this helps him to complete that journey, I’m all for it.

I’ve spent our time together trying to point him in a direction that will lead him home.  Maybe this gets him there; maybe not.  We only fail if we don’t take that leap and leap, Moses has, that is for certain.



Christmas Eve … Again

Another Christmas Eve and still no one claims me.  Alone?  Not exactly.  I do have my pet spider and gecko Milo and Sheila, but no human other than myself.  No relations to partake of the festivities with me.  Friends have invited me to their celebrations but this year, it’s not right.  I feel the need to keep vigil on a solitude I cannot fathom.  So, eggnog and crickets, mango and cookies as I welcome in the season wondering if I will find answers soon.

Tomorrow I will be Jewish … and go to the movies.

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