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I’M BACK. Why?

Week 9 Day 6


Week 5 Day 2

Part I

Part II


Why there?  A question that has tumbled through my brain until it is a polished stone of inquiry.  Yet, no concrete answer offers itself up.  Does the fact that I appeared off that roadside on a longitude similar yet 100 miles east of the great meteor crater near Winslow offer clues?  Could radioactive winds from Cold War mines dug by a Great People mercilessly lied to have created circumstances that brought me into being?

So, I’m either STARMAN or CAPTAIN AMERICA, yet my underdeveloped ego withdraws from the elevated status of Superhero or Alien.  I am mere mortal and as such, need to know why there, off that desert road, I was found.

Ray brought me in from the wilderness but wasn’t the one who found me.  He says someone else did, someone claiming I appeared, naked.  Poof and Moses materialized, named for a religious icon come out of the desert yet I have no vision of what I’m supposed to do.

Life for me started here.

Nothing but scrub brush, dried river bed and dusty road.  What’s special?   Why would I pick this spot to lose myself in?  If some cosmic occurrence happened there I ask why?  Why then?  And why two years prior did a little boy poof?

Answers flow from questions asked.  Yet, I feel frustration as questions mount, crushing what few answers I’ve scratched from hardened earth.  The time for capes and magic is childhood but my waxy mind does not hold those distant memories so the comic book motifs escape me.

Possibly I should get out.  I’ve had too much snow and ice with no relief.  My mood has grown as grey as the light that shines through my office window.

Yet, I stand firm, why there?  Why then?  And why me?



I am growing a beard.  Actually, I have been too engrossed and haven’t shaved in a while.  I slept little again last night.  At one point,  I was staring into the bathroom mirror not really looking but focusing more on the overall than the minute.  Then, my face took center stage and I noticed … beard.

Automatically I reached for shaving soap and razor and lathered.  I stopped short of shearing myself.  I thought for moment, blade poised inches away and then put down the razor.  I looked again at the goat-like visage in the mirror.

Beard.  Then, why I have no idea, I thought of sports, how some athletes refuse to shave during the season.  It is supposed to bring luck.  Why?  I have no idea.  But the concept began to formulate and I have made a decision.  I, too, will not shave until I have an answer.

Once I have come to any conclusion of whom or what I was, I will shave.  Hopefully this will not take long because I am a hairy S.O.B. and already have begun scratching incessantly at my face.

So, should my image sport shiny cheeks, you will know I have found an answer.

M. Haygood

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