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Come In From The Rain

M. Matthews posting:

Still no word from Moses.  The FBI has assured me that he is only a “person of interest” and not a suspect.  Although, a suspect of what?  Kidnapping 22 years ago and then putting an entire fabrication of his life up on the web?  I think we all know that Moses, while intelligent, is not a criminal master mind.

I have spoken with Ray.  He saw Moses at the spot; that desert place where little boys disappear and full grown men reappear.  Ray told me Moses stayed there for a day or two and then moved on.  No word of his intentions other than to keep moving.  Moses is still looking but seems to think his answers are out there, not here.  I have no opinion on that.  I just hope he is alright.

Oliver has been spending more time at Moses’ house.  He sleeps there now.  I can’t help but feel hurt.  I know he is putting things together in his mind and sometimes the normalcy of dinner in front of the television gets in the way of that.  I’ve had him back for only a month and I already feel like an empty nester.  But, I give him space.  Maybe he can make the “time machine” work.

I hope Moses comes in if only for a moment.  I take the FBI at their word but who knows how long Moses will be a “person of interest”  if he remains hidden.


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