Facebook!  Why would I want to be on Facebook?  I have nothing against it, but I barely have time for this, my blog.  I am constantly asked and am tired of answering no, I am not on Facebook.   But now you can like me or at least this blog on Facebook.  Like Twitter, if someone else would like to do the work, by all means, go ahead.  Like me, like my blog.  A teenager helped me put the “Share” button on the side.

I now have work to do.  Thank you for your time.


About moses' blog

Moses Haygood is an accomplished television writer, investigator and author. From UFOs to monsters, most of his professional life has been writing about or debunking the miraculous. Moses is now on a course of personal research hoping to undercover his past. In 1989, he was found on a desert roadside with no memory. View all posts by moses' blog

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