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I have had many jobs.  Writer of television documentaries for things mysterious, civilian military employee, investigator, I have found many routes to stay employed.  People never believe that I met my first television producer on a Thursday and was writing narration for him by Friday.  We just clicked.  It helped that he was the half-brother of my good friend, but there was a similarity of thought.  He didn’t believe in the strange but saw great potential for making money.  I believed but wanted to disprove everything to get at the truth.

 Five years I wrote for those “Big Foot” shows.  It was fun at first.  Believers came to the subject with the answers while the science folk always had this crossed armed “prove-it” mentality.  I walked the tightrope between, digging out story elements and facts while weeding through the preposterous.  I believe our work during this time was the foundation for many of the shows running now except, today the approach is prove me wrong.

My last assignment was Wright Paterson Air Force base.  I interviewed this Major about UFO sightings.  He gave me the standard military answer.

“I don’t know what they saw, but it wasn’t from this base.”

Funny, I received a call from him a week later.  Turned out, he wanted to hire me.  He liked my investigative style.

So, then I was employed by the military.  I am not allowed to divulge my work.  Top secret.  Would have to kill you if I told you.  But after a bit, exciting as it was, I grew skeptical of the validity of that work, too.  With Air Force clearance, I wrote a book about the impossibility of proving extraterrestrials because of all the hands in the cookie jar.  This blog, by the way, too has been cleared.  I made just enough money from that, free lance journalism and investigating strange sightings to pay the rent.  Got quite the reputation.  If you look me up, you will fail.  I used a professional name during this period.  In my profession who would take a Moses Haygood seriously.  A suggestion by Jules’.

I received a call from another unexpected source – Insurance.  Seems there was this Arizona rancher who was losing cows to what locals claimed were aliens.  Because of my experience and apparent skepticism, the insurance company covering the cows called me.

I know nothing of cows.  My experience with Arizona is singular but the job intrigued me.  I accepted.

My first task was interviewing the rancher.  He had no idea what was happening.  He’d called the insurance company only to find out if he was covered.  The suggestion that little green men were experimenting on his cattle was nothing more than “slow minded Los Angelinos looking for answers to their stupid lives.”

At first, the cows just turned up dead in the fields.  No visible marks.  Then analysis came back showing high concentrations of radiation in their systems.  Next, cows not only were dying but mutilated with large round circles burned into their sides.

Working with the Sherriff and a local real estate guy, it didn’t take me long to find the source of the radiation.  There was a research facility twenty miles away.  The ranch sat above an underground river that was being contaminated.  The contamination came up in the grass and thus killed the cows.  The mutilation was locals looking to create mischief.

The research facility was on the hook for damages, the Sheriff took the reprobates into custody and I got paid a handsome fee.  Why retell this here.  Because, I need you, the reader to know that while my entries tend towards flights of fancy, my history up till this point is one grounded in analytical thought.  I tend to side with those who cross their arms and shout “prove it.”

It’s just that my previous skills hold little sway to my current investigation.  I try hard not to “just believe.”  But with all the dreams and synchronous events, it becomes hard to continually create a litmus test for every evidential bit that falls into my lap.

M. Haygood


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