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This Is Getting In The Way

Snow, snow, snow, snow.  And more snow.  Luckily a kid from across the street shoveled for me.  So, my back doesn’t ache but it did give me more time to think about this venue the blog.

Is it getting in the way?  Yes!  I have work to do yet I feel an obligation to this medium.  I set this forum up to find answers yet now I feel it has a life of its own.  I am enamored as if it were a young lady who has smitten me with her attentions.

Social Media!  Someone suggested I start a tweet.  Tweet.  A bird call.  I should begin imitating ornithological species?  Then they explained.  Once educated, I did think about it.  But, I still have a dumb phone.  That is what you call a phone that is not classified as “smart?”  Yes?  So, it is not as if I could dash off missive after missive of my every thought or movement.  I am slave to my ruts and one of those ruts is technology I can handle.  A Tweet is too much.  Maybe someone more inclined can tweet for me but I have more important tasks at hand.

I posted last Sunday and then on Wednesday.  After the plethora of posts throughout December, I felt I needed time.  Needed to back off.  This blogging can take over one’s life.  It is a tool not a drug yet I feel the shakes when I haven’t put anything up in over a day.


Or am I just old.  I may only have memories trailing back twenty plus years but I am a man in age fifty plus.  I need time to read, research … ponder.

 Yet …

 Here I am, posting a post thrashing my need to post.  I will be productive now and go check my e-mail.


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