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Someone has found me.  Not in the sense of from my past but found me they have.  I woke up this morning and did something I haven’t done before.  I “Googled” myself.  Mostly I found links to my site.  But just below that was a link to a Sean P. Watters, photographer.  I followed it and saw that this photographer had linked to my site from his own blog.

 I hope he found my pitiful postings intriguing.   Anyway, I felt obliged to follow suit and return the link back to his site.  I look forward to hearing from him.  By no means a person of fashion myself, I did look through his gallery.  Fascinating.  I wish I had as clear a vision in my journey as he does his.

 Happy New Year!



2011 and I find myself floating in a sea of uncertainty.  I suppose this is what most people go through with the changing of the yearly guard.  What have I done so far?  What can I accomplish next year?  Will I really do anything other than survive, again?

I don’t want to just survive anymore.  Throughout my twenty-two years of this existence, I have been productive and yet I feel as if I have never achieved a goal truly important to me.  Money, stature – this matters little when I have no sense of self, no sense of who I am.  I wish only answers to these questions in the coming year.

New Year’s resolution: find answers.  Who is Moses Haygood?  Where did he come from?  And did/does anyone out there miss him?  Score – more questions than answers.  I hope to change that balance by year’s end.

M. Haygood

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