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Two Birds

By Oliver

Two birds, both dead, in the gutter of a very busy street.  At first, I only saw the larger one, a falcon.  I’ve never seen a bird of prey in a gutter.  It caught my attention.  Then I noticed a pigeon lying next to it just as dead.

I sat down on the curb looking at those lifeless creatures trying to piece together the puzzle.  Cars sped by creating puffs of wind on my face.  It had been a chase, both intent on individual goals, one striking out at a meal, the other trying not to be that meal.  They were focused on the moment, neither noticing the minivan or sedan speeding right through them.  Probably never knew what happened.  Everything just went black.

It made me think, am I like this, too?  Do I hyper-focus only on my goals, oblivious to what transpires around me.  It’s going to be Christmas in a couple of days.  I’ll buy a tree and decorate it.  Moses started this blog about a year ago looking for answers.  Unlike TV, life does not wrap up neatly.  It spills out until it’s done.

Wonder if I will get any Christmas presents?  That would be weird.


In From The Cold

He’s fine.  Moses called from Salt Lake City to let me know he was alright.  It had never occurred to him that disappearing after a missing child resurfaces 24 years later might peak the FBI’s curiosity.  He “turned” himself in at the Salt Lake City office of the FBI after checking his blog.  He had been “unplugged” for an entire month.  The idea that Oliver and I were dealing with the FBI was very disconcerting.

He told me, “I’m fine.  I am not in trouble.  They just want to ask some questions.”  Moses also said that he would rather know the truth rather than follow dreams and crazy theories.  If he’s a monster who somehow kidnapped Oliver and hid him away for all those years, better to know than to stumble around in the dark looking for answers.

I know he is no monster.  The timeline does not fit.  Oliver disappeared when he was eight.  That would make him 32.  The Oliver now, although I can see him only as my son, can’t be more that twenty-five or twenty-six.  Time shift?  That concept is far beyond my abilities.

Moses faxed some handwritten pages to me, notes from his travels.  I will type them up and post as soon as I can.

I wonder if they will check Moses’ DNA, too.  If so, what would they find?

Fissible Material

Week 12 Day 5


Week 10 Day 7

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