Is Someone Speaking To Me?

Dragons trying to communicate?  In each dream dragons attempt communication.  Rather a dragon.  Who’s to tell if it is always the same hellish reptile or a separate individual each time?  And one becomes two becomes three then four, what is the meaning of that message?   The dragon drew a single line in the sand that become many.  This syncs up nicely with my search for identity.  Am I single or many?  Reality is more than what is seen, heard or felt.  Chaos theory broke the rule of constants making reality a blur of our imaginings.

My first New York apartment had this bathroom medicine cabinet with three mirrors circa 1949.  There was the large middle face with two others hinged on either side.  If you closed the two hinged mirrors around your face, its reflection was splintered off infinitely within the three reflective visages.  You couldn’t tell which one was you and which the reflection.  Is this the meaning of the dragon’s message?


One becomes two becomes three becomes four and so on into infinity.  Or was this merely a statement that one cannot stand against many?  If so, why not?  The boy has yet to lose standing against the ten for as long as I have dreamt of this far off desert setting.  Or was it just scratchings in the sand?  No.  I’ve never had this dream on consecutive nights.  Meaning is there only to be mined by the tenacious.

And if there is meaning, from what source?  That is what truly interests me.  Is this my subconscious trying in its very own demented way to illuminate some lesson?  Or are these nebulous dreams from a source I cannot comprehend?  Who is speaking to me?  Is there a person behind the message?

Or am I demanding reason from the Fellini like musings of my slumbering mind.

M. Haygood


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Moses Haygood is an accomplished television writer, investigator and author. From UFOs to monsters, most of his professional life has been writing about or debunking the miraculous. Moses is now on a course of personal research hoping to undercover his past. In 1989, he was found on a desert roadside with no memory. View all posts by moses' blog

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