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Insane, Mad, Crazy


1. not sane; not of sound mind; mentally deranged.

2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who is mentally deranged: insane actions; an insane asylum.

3. utterly senseless: an insane plan.


1. mentally disturbed; deranged; insane; demented.

2. enraged; greatly provoked or irritated; angry.

3. (of animals)

a. abnormally furious; ferocious: a mad bull.

b. affected with rabies; rabid: a mad dog.

4. extremely foolish or unwise; imprudent;
irrational: a mad scheme to invade France.

5. wildly excited or confused; frantic: mad


1. mentally deranged; demented; insane.

2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.

3. Informal . intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited: crazy about baseball.

4. Informal .  very enamored or infatuated (usually followed by about ): He was
crazy about her.

5. Informal .  intensely anxious or eager; impatient: I’m crazy to try those new skis.

6. Informal .  unusual; bizarre; singular: She always wears a crazy hat.

7. Slang . wonderful; excellent; perfect: That’s crazy, man, crazy.

8. likely to break or fall to pieces.

9. weak, infirm, or sickly.

10. having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc.: a crazy reel that spins in either

11. Slang . an unpredictable, nonconforming person; oddball: a house full of crazies who wear weird clothes and come in at all hours.

12. the crazies, Slang . a sense of extreme unease, nervousness, or panic; extreme jitters: The crew was starting to get
the crazies from being cooped up belowdecks for so long.

Insane, crazy or mad; it all sounds like someone who doesn’t fit within the village.  That’s the point of my journey.  I don’t fit.  Thus, I am crazy.  Oliver tries to find a fit, yet comes up empty.  So, he believes he is crazy, mad, insane.

No one truly feels a part of the village.  So, tell me, who is crazy and who is a part of the village.

M. Haygood

Somewhere in Ontario,


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