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Shake, Rattle and Roll

6:15 AM

I have not been sleeping well the past few days.  A mélange of dreams I am too uncomfortable to go into in this forum have wrecked my slumber.  Revealing my dragon dreams was as far as I think I’ll let you into my psyche.  The bottom line – my subconscious has assaulted me with this: resonance, vibration, the moment a string is plucked until it finally comes to rest.  This is the theme of my nightmares.

Everything vibrates, my middle aged spread, the baby food I feed my gecko, my guitar as I strum a basic C7 blues.  Nothing new here.  Nothing I haven’t observed a multitude of times.  So why this continuous nightly bombardment?

1013 Hz?  The vibrational frequency of an atom.  I looked it up.  I hate to break it to all the great Yogis of the world, but there is no stillness in the Universe.  Evidently, we are a pulsating mass of parts from our elemental building blocks on up.  So, again, meaning?

If I fell asleep in front of the Science Channel one night recently, I truly cannot remember.  Might I be RAISING MY FREQUENCY CAPABILITY?  By no means do I make any claims about anything here, but this idea of vibration and resonance appears to run through far more than the text books of musicology and physics.  The idea is out there in incredible diverse strains of thought.

My question, to myself really, is why my dreams harp on this?  Also, why now?  I’ve been up every hour since mid-night and feel as if my eye-lids hang below my knees.  I will ponder this question and get back to you.

M. Haygood


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