Creepy.  That’s my friend Ray’s comment about my last video blog.  Creepy.  At least the ending.  I’m not sure what I am going to say until the camera is on.  I have notes but those are reference at best.  At that moment, that moment of creepy, I felt a need to address something, something I am not at liberty to discuss.  It was whim.  I guess I have been shut in my house so long that creepy doesn’t register.

I make no promises but will try to retain passion and fact and leave creepy at the door while I make my videos.


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Moses Haygood is an accomplished television writer, investigator and author. From UFOs to monsters, most of his professional life has been writing about or debunking the miraculous. Moses is now on a course of personal research hoping to undercover his past. In 1989, he was found on a desert roadside with no memory. View all posts by moses' blog

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